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Tiger & Coco - About Us


Tiger & Coco was born from a love of designing and creating. Launching with their signature acrylic frames in 2011 in Melbourne Australia. Ineke & Eliza’s business has grown with them and their families and they are excited to continue launching acrylic products.

Ineke and Eliza are the creators of Tiger & Coco, and they are passionate about helping you add more style to your home and your lifestyle. Tiger & Coco was born after the arrival of both of their first born children. Eliza’s Tiger and Ineke’s Coco were born 10 days apart, and have grown up together as best friends. They found themselves taking hundreds of photos of their children growing up, but could never find the perfect photo frame. They believe they have created THE perfect frame for everyone....

They both hail from the fashion and interior design worlds, with a joint love of all things stylish, quality, and worthy of making a statement. They hope you love their range of Tiger & Coco products just as much as they do, and look forward to seeing how you display your most precious memories.

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